3 keys to speak your truth and express your uniqueness

When you master connecting with your unique Voice on a deeper level and letting it express as it truly is you can:

Express your deepest sense of self

Connect more powerfully to your audience

Reveal more of who you are

Promote your life’s work and your ideas

Voice your dreams into reality

Your voice reveals essential clues as to who you are. With extraordinary accuracy and laser precision, your voice reveals your physical, emotional and mental attributes, your health, your mood and even your social status. More than anything it reveals if your are true to yourself and if you allow yourself to be who you really are.

In the space of one millisecond, your audience decides if you are trustworthy, inspirational or interesting, and if you are to be respected or dismissed. Your voice is the key to your authentic expression in your business/career, in your relationships and in in your unique soul expression.

3 keys to awaken, unleash, nurture, love and celebrate your voice:

Key 1: Voice your way to success 

Academic research shows that voice is one of the main factors to predict success in business/career. For most of professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches and artist, voice is one of the key ways to connect to audience/work environment, promote and sell work or ideas and deliver services. Explore and work with your voice to get your client to go deeper, create a mood for your client to connect with their dreams and say yes. Nurture your voice so it can support you to be a masterful communicator. Strengthen and free your voice so it can support you in building your dreams.

Key 2: Voice your way to authentic relationships

Relationships are all about communication and key to success in relationships is authentic and masterful communication. How can you say what you mean and mean what you say? How can you be true to yourself in communication with others? How can you use your voice to heal instead of hurt others? How can you speak your truth?

Key 3: Master your expression

Your voice is unique expression of your soul. Take your time to connect with your voice on a deeper level and unleash the free, unique sound of your voice. Living in a society that does not promote having a free and fully expressed voice can leave a mark on your soul and hurt your voice. Know that your true voice is inside you, waiting to be awaken, freed, explored, reclaimed, nurtured, loved and celebrated.

Marija Milicevic is the true Voice Alchemist in her unique musical and artistic expression. She is your guide to connect and deepen your relationship with your unique Voice and your unique Expression. Marija is a singer, artist, priestess, musician, shaman and true citizen of the world.  In the Holistic Voice Spa session she guides you to find your unique Voice and master the art of sharing your voice and expression with the world through sound, public speaking, promoting your work and authentic communication. To find out more, visit: voicealchemiststudio.com.

Source: voicealchemiststudio.com