HOW TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH on and off camera

3 Keys to speaking on stage, promoting your work and speaking your truth.


You are an entrepreneur who is committed to being yourself and sharing your creative gifts and talents. You are well on the path and now is the time, to take that vision and share it with the world in a big way. One of the most effective ways to let world know about your message is to SPEAK on a stage or share you massage live on camera.

With public speaking you get to share the message you are passionate about and promote your life’s work with a large audience.  Rewards for your business and personal growth are huge. Yet, the majority of people list public speaking as their greatest fear. 

Here are 3 keys to support you when speaking on stage, promoting your business with public speaking and in general, speaking your truth in business and life. 

SPEAK ON STAGE: Explore your unique voice and find your own signature soundTake time to explore layers and textures of your real, authentic voice. Often we can hear public speakers feeling safer to speak in voices of their mentors, teachers, role-models or even parents or siblings. Most of it is unconscious and it takes dedication, support and space to reveal your true, authentic voice. It is safe to speak in your real voice and all is takes is to rediscovered beauty in your true voice.

You can work with a holistic vocal coach who can support you in connecting deeper with your unique voice and who can create a safe space for you to reveal your true, authentic voice. Once your reveal the true vibration of your voice, speaking on stage, promoting your voice and speaking your truth will come naturally and with ease. 

OCCUPY YOUR BODY: Take time to care for your voice the same way you take time to care for your body. If you are an entrepreneur chances are that your voice is one of the greatest assets in your business and you use it on a daily bases to teach, coach, express your ideas, direct your team, promote your work. Yet, its is not so common for people to pay attention and care to their voices.

Often voice is taken for granted and often takes advance stages of personal development for someone to work with a voice coach. Work out daily and gently on your voice and always remember to warm up and prepare for the event of speaking on stage. Before stepping out on a stage or in front of camera, take time to fully occupy your body and connect with your voice.

CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Open you heart before opening your mouth to speak. By letting you heart speak for you, you can know that you are connecting with your audience. It is way more powerful to connect with your audience through the heart than through the mind and all it takes for you is to be present. 

You can achieve this by ensuring that your speech or message is well rehearsed in advanced and once you are on the stage, you are present in that moment, spontaneous and allowing for magic to happen and for your words to touch the hearts of your audience. 



Start you VOICE QUEST today to awakened your true voice and make the world your stage.