It’s time to use your voice to get what you REALLY want.

Your speaking voice is the key to success. It’s your instrument to invite others to really listen to your thoughts, feelings and to understand your creative vision. It is the outer expression of your unique gifts and talent.
Connect to your authentic speaking voice and make your day-to-day living easier – gain clarity, make better and faster decisions. Speak more confidently and build the courage be a true leader - in your life, your work or your business.

As a voice expert, I can hear the nuances of sound. I can pick up on the subtle messages that come through when you are speaking. As we talk about your dreams, hopes and desired, I can help identify what is getting in the way. Then show you how to overcome this silent saboteur and finally be heard!

If you are a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, artist, healer or visionary, then you have a message the world needs to hear. Holding back your voice is not healthy for you or anyone else. You were given a gift and you have a responsibility to share it.

Learn how you can increase your influence, inspiration and income by using your voice in a new way.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Marija, Voice Alchemist

P.S. Appointments are only for people that are ready to hear the truth behind their voice. People that are ready to make a change, to improve their life and have their voice truly heard.