VOICE ALCHEMY- 3-month program
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Unleash the Power of Your Most Professional, 

Empowered, & Soul-Stirring Voice to

Triple Your Income & Live Your Life Out Loud!

High Artistry Vocal Coaching for Female Speakers, Artists, Coaches, & Seminar Leaders

Are you a woman coach, artist, speaker or healer who would like to have her gift and message heard around the world? Do you feel seen, heard, recognized, and adored by your audience?

What about your message?  Does it fully capture the power & magic you have within?

Or do you often look at colleagues and their brand voices, wishing you could be as dynamic, expressive, and successful as they are?

Would you like to experience more influence, artistry, intimacy & fulfillment through the power of your voice AND grow your fan base, increase clients & conversions, and turn your life’s work into a raving success? Then you need... 

VOICE MAGIC, a private course that will empower not only the sound of your voice, but your ability to communicate the soulful brand message that will launch your career to the next level. As a coach, artist, or speaker, your voice is your gift.  Learn how to share the most powerful message you have within, building trust, empathy, awe and inspiration in your ideal audience.

Share in a way that’s unique, powerful, impactful, intimate and enchanting.

Sound like the Master-Level Coach, Artist, or Teacher You Truly Are.

Unleash the Power of Your Authentic Voice

on the Stage, Page, & in Discovery Sessions

To Speak Intimately & Powerfully to your Audience.


AND learn how to do this across all mediums and areas of your career...

  • From performing or speaking on the stage
  • To negotiating contracts, sales calls, and one on one relationships 
  • To bringing forth artful branding & marketing that speaks to your uniqueness, power & authenticity.

VOICE MAGIC gives you the opportunity to heal unhealthy speech patterns that give subconscious messages to your audience that you are...

  • A little girl as opposed to empowered women
  • Unsure as opposed to supremely confident
  • Limited as opposed to free & dynamically creative

Our vocal expression & the power of our voice is what draws our audience, fans & ideal clients to us.  When you look at some women who seem to effortlessly manifest their dream career vs. those who struggle and fight for any sort of recognition or success, you will find the intangible power of the VOICE is at play.  It can make or BREAK your success.

Attract Raving Fans.

(It’s All About Your Voice!)


Marija has the magical ability to hear the subtleties of sound and understand how the voice can be a vehicle for spiritual transmission, emotional strength and crystal clear communication. I have deeply enjoyed working with Marija to harness the power of my own voice and amplify my sacred work in this world. I would highly recommend Marija’s Alchemical Voice processes to anyone seeking to expand their unique expression and master their message.
— Laura Hollick, Soul Art Studio


In this program you will be working privately with Marija on 3 levels to empower your voice andcommunication:

1. THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE: Sound like the Empowered Woman You Truly Are

  • Develop and nurture a strong professional voice that builds trust and conveys a sense of authority
  • Nurture your voice to sound like the powerful women you truly are as opposed to the speaking from the little girl’s voice in your head who conveys a sense that you are unsafe, vulnerable & afraid
  • Let go of vocal fry in your voice so that your audience stops unconsciously hearing you as a teenage girl and instead starts appreciating the wisdom your have to share as an expert & someone they can trust to LEAD them to their goals
  • Overcome unhealthy speech patterns (like’s, um’s and more) to speak powerfully from the stage and in front of groups.
  • Embody your the full range of voice, so you are HEARD with rapt attention
  • Learn how to dynamically express your personal magnetism while sharing your message so you attract your ideal clients & fans
  • Promote general body health by balancing your thyroid gland, hormones, and neurological system by finding and nurturing your most powerful vocal expression 


  • Learn the communication principles that top business strategy consultants use to make sure their ideas and messages are received and understood easily and effortlessly by their ideal audience
  • Empower how you structure your communication with your team, clients, & colleagues, so you can build powerful relationships that nurture your long term success & sustainability. As a result of becoming masterful in your communication, you will have a more positive impact on others that leads to increased conversions, clients & business opportunities.
  • Learn how to use your voice to set up impeccable boundaries so you can do your work on your terms, using minimal energy and achieving maximum results 
  • Let go of unhealthy communication patterns with your intimate partners, family and friends so your personal life is harmonious with your True Expression & Power
  • Learn how to communicate your needs powerfully & effectively so that you get what you want in your business and your life 
  • Stop shrinking yourself, your work or your message in both life and relationships and instead powerfully communicate your truth in a sacred way that honours you as a Queen of Life



  • Experience the powerful effect you have on your audience when you learn to express yourself with a clear mind and pure heart
  • Transform your business message to master-level art that creates innovative new ways of marketing your work, so you will be acknowledged as a pioneer and trend-setter in your industry
  • Explore two levels of communication: the feminine magic of expression and masculine clarity of language so that you communicate clearly, powerfully and in an enchanting way with your ideal audience
  • Stop sharing the boring, copy-cat message that no one hears. Instead, open and explore your unique, expression that will be magnetic to your ideal audience
  • Allow yourself to express the poetic, insightful, raw, real, wild, heart-felt or creative essence that is truly yours, but you don’t allow yourself to share for fear of it being “too different.”  Watch your business EXPLODE with greater ease & grace as the world CELEBRATES your TRUE artistic voice & essence in business. 
VOICE ALCHEMY- 3-month program
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VOICE MAGIC is a one-on-one mentorship program with Marija that includes 12 private, 1h-long, online sessions over the course of 3 months.Because each voice is different and needs personal attention, your curriculum is uniquely designed for your based on your needs and also your goals (business, public speaking, marketing personal or performance). 

As both a shaman and singer, Marija has a unique ability to hear your voice at a deep level and can identify anatomical and physical blocks, mental and emotional blocks as well as tune into your unique Soul Message and Soul Voice, guiding you to bring your essence more fully into your voice, life, and career.

Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Conversions

Because You are Fulfilling the Beauty, Artistry, & Full Power & Potential of Your Soul’s Voice in the World.



It’s easy to get started with the Voice MAGIC Program.

1.    Click on the registration button on this page and complete the payment process.

2.    Look for my email from voicealchemiststudio@gmail.com and save it in your address book.

3.    This email will contain all further instructions for your program.